Radar Detectors are legal to use, sell, operate, and own in four wheelers in all states with the exception of Virginia, Washington, D.C., and United States military reservations, DoD Directive 6055 4.1, E3, 11.3. Radar detectors in commercial vehicles, i.e., 18 wheelers, were banned in all states by the U.S. DOT effective February 1995, CFR 47, parts 392, 392.71. In Canada radar detectors are legal in four wheelers only in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

All radar detectors must have a compliance sticker attached to them saying; “This device complies with part 15 of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: “(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation.”-FCC ET Docket 01-278, 19 July 2002. The radar detector must be approved by the FCC with a FCC ID# attached to it.

The Federal Communications Commission, FCC in their publication of DA 96-2040 of 9 December 1996 on the legality of radar detectors says, “Radar detectors are radio receivers tuned to receive radar signals and are used by motorists to provide a warning of any radar activity in the vicinity. In this regard, the FCC regulations pertaining to receivers does not address the subject of radar detectors. The use of radar detectors by members of the public, therefore, does not constitute in itself a violation of FCC Rules.” Radar detectors are legal to use and operate!

In the same FCC Directive, the subject or radar jammers is assessed. The FCC said, “Radar jammers are transmitters tuned to interfere with (jam) a police radar signal. The intentional use of jammers is considered ‘malicious interference’ and is strictly prohibited by the Communications Act 1934 as amended, as well as FCC rules.” Laser is controlled by the United States Food and Drug Administration( FDA) for eye safety. There are no federal prohibitions regarding laser jammers. However, over thirty states, have passed state-wide bans on radar and/or laser jammers similar to the new Texas law, Sec. 547.616, Texas Transportation Code saying, “(a) In this section, ‘radar interference device’ means a device, a mechanism, an instrument, or equipment that is designed, manufactured, used, or intended to be used to interfere with, scramble, disrupt, or otherwise cause to malfunction, a radar or laser device used to measure the speed of a motor vehicle by a law enforcement agency of this state or political subdivision of this state, (b) A person may not use, attempt to use, install, operate, or attempt to operate an interference device in a motor vehicle operated by the person, (c) A person may not purchase, sell, or offer for sale an interference device to be used in a manner described by Subsection (b).”-Click Here To Return To Opening Page