This year we did things differently.  The first two days we tested the newest radar and laser guns (28-29 June 2013). The last day, (30 June 2013) we did our long distance reception test of radar detectors using our proven nine-mile test facility in a rural West Texas county. Only guns appearing on the current CPL list were used. Per our standard, we used certified officers from three different departments to operate radar and laser guns. We had five members of SML staff involved including two degreed engineers, one retired ICE officer, one president of a radar sign manufacturer, and one with over thirty years of experience. We serve the courts as a recognized expert witness in radar and laser trials. We have appeared in over forty trials and have authored some fifty (50) articles in police, EMS, legal publications, fire, and public safety magazines. Click below on your area of interest and go to the appropriate page.

   Legality Of Radar Detectors 

Radar/Laser Gun Accuracy/Range

 Maximum Range Of Radar Guns

Speed Comparisons Of Radar And Laser

Maximum Range Of Laser Guns

   Radar Detectors Reception At 9 Miles
And Equipment Failure

  Maximum Laser Reception Of Detectors 

   Radar/Laser  Stopwatch Modes	

    Short Range Radar (SRR)                       

   Out Of The Box 
The End




ANNUAL TEST 2013-2014